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Our Story

About Modern Solutions

Modern Solutions is the premier Game, Voice, Web and VPS server hosting provider. Whether you're starting the newest gaming community, launching your next business website or upgrading your server, Modern Solutions has the best hosting for you! We offer enterprise grade hardware at prices you can afford.

  • Oct 2017
    Modern Solutions Launch

    After developing a new CAD on Bubble.io, Modern Solutions was launched to the world selling a new state of the art CAD/MDT.

  • Mar 2018
    Hosting Launch

    After a couple months of successful CAD sales, Modern Solutions branched out into hosting VPS servers and Teamspeaks.

  • Jun 2018
    RocketCAD Launch

    After months of using the Traditional, Elite and Onyx CADs, we changed the CAD game by releasing RocketCAD.

  • Apr 2019
    Company Restructuring

    After years of flaws with our internal structure, we changed the way we operate. Allowing us to focus more on each client and deliver higher quality products.

  • Jan 2020
    New Website

    We re-designed our website to create a brand new ordering experience. Equipped with more information and simpler instructions, our site is ready to handle what you throw at it!

  • Feb 2020
    Server Transition

    We moved away from Leasing our hardware to fully owning each server, allowing us to lower our prices and deliver the highest quality VPS servers to every customer.

  • Jun 2020
    Introducing Colocation

    We expanded our hosting operations past VPS hosting into Colocation! We're offering colocation in Los Angeles with more locations to come in the future!

  • Jul 2020
    Dedicated Servers

    Need more power or a dedicated option for your project? Dedicated servers are now apart of our hosting fleet, we're ready to host even the largest of projects!

  • Nov 2020
    500 Active Customers

    We're now serving over 500 active customers accross the world!

Our Core Values

We are ready to support you and your business from day one.


We value loyalty and will work hard to not only earn your business, but keep it. We offer discounts to those that commit to longer billing agreements, and we'll always be here to help!


Our small, dedicated team of Customer Support Specialists are here to help when you need us. We aim to provide the highest quality of support to get your concerns addressed in as little as 2 replies.


We aim to consistently innovate ourselves to ensure we're up to date with lastest competition, providing all our customers with peace of mind you're always getting the best offer.


We guarantee 99.9% uptime on all servers, VPS, Teamspeak and Web. You can trust your server will always be there when you need it. Lost your files? We take weekly off-site backups to protect you.