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Windows & Linux VPS Hosting

Get the ultimate gaming VPS for your community. All VPS servers are provisioned and delivered instantly when you purchase. Need something more than what's listed? Reach out! Contact Sales





  • RAM4096 MB (4GB)
  • SSD60 GB
  • CPU2 Virtual Cores
  • OSWindows 2019
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  • RAM6144 MB (6GB)
  • SSD80 GB
  • CPU4 Virtual Cores
  • OSWindows 2019





  • RAM8192 MB (8GB)
  • SSD100 GB
  • CPU4 Virtual Cores
  • OSWindows 2019





  • RAM12288 MB (12GB)
  • SSD140 GB
  • CPU6 Virtual Cores
  • OSWindows 2019





  • RAM16384 MB (16GB)
  • SSD150 GB
  • CPU6 Virtual Cores
  • OSWindows 2019

4 Locations To Choose FromWhy Modern Solutions?

With top of the line support and high quality hardware, we've got you covered.

  • Integrated control panel into WHMCS for easy access
  • On-demand support for any issues you may run into
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Superior Hardware

We never overload our servers and are always ready for you to expand your needs.

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24/7 Tech Support

Have a question? We are here for you! No question is ever too small or too large for our support team.

Windows and Linux VPS DDoS protection icon

Fully DDoS Protected

All of our servers are DDoS protected to ensure that even in an attack, you are covered at no extra charge.

Operating SystemInstall Your Favorite OS

We offer most Linux distributions right out of the box available for install on your VPS. For Windows plans, all servers will come pre-installed with Windows Server 2012 R2. Need a different OS? Reach out to support and we would be happy to help.

Available Distributions:
  • Ubuntu operating system icon
  • Debian operating system icon
  • CentOS operating system icon
  • CoreOS operating system icon
  • FreeBSD operating system icon
  • Windows operating system icon

Server SpecificationsWe use the best hardware

Our hardware is hand-picked for gamers in mind. Not a gamer? Don't worry, these specifications will work great for any task.

  • Windows and Linux VPS premium hardwareDual E5-2600 series enterprise CPUs, i7-7700k @ 4.2 GHz, i7-6700k @ 4.0 GHz (to be upgraded) CPUs
  • NVMe SSDs for Windows and Linux VPSSSDs ready to handle the most intense read/write requests
  • DDR4 RAM installed in all VPS plansDDR4 RAM - never at more than 85% capactity

4 Locations To Choose FromWe're Located Across the US

Our four locations are strategically placed to give you great connection speeds wherever you are located.

Seattle, WA, USA
Test IP:
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Test IP:
Los Angeles
Dallas, TX, USA
Test IP:
New York, NY, USA
Test IP:
New York
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Questions & AnswersFrequently Asked Questions

Is your question not listed?
Ask us here, or chat live now

1. What can I host on my VPS?

Our gaming VPS servers are designed for any game server that you can imagine. Not looking for a game server? You can configure your VPS to do just about anything that you can throw at it.

2. What operating systems do you offer?

We offer Windows Server 2012 R2, as well as every major Linux distribution. If you would like an operating system that we don't offer, simply submit a support ticket and we can make it happen.

3. How much RAM do I need?

This question is really dependent on what you're trying to do with your VPS. For most game servers, they are RAM dependent, meaning the more RAM you have, the smoother your server will run. For most people starting out, we've seen our 4 and 6GB plans be the favorites to test out.

4. Where are your VPS servers located?

Our Windows and Linux VPS servers are located in your choice of Seattle, WA, Dallas, TX, or New York, NY. Want to see another location? Open a chat and send us a suggestion!

5. Will you help me install my game server?

While our VPS plans aren't considered "Managed", our support team is always happy to help with an installation or configuration problem that you may be experiencing.

6. What happens if I need more power or storage on my VPS?

Our plans are meant to be upgraded or downgraded whenever you need. Simply reach out to us or follow the "Upgrade/Downgrade" procedure through the Client Area.